Madeline Georgino


Kyle Lundy

Madeline Georgino and Kyle Lundy

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Our Story

Kyle and Maddie met as most couples do in Charlotte, NC, “swiping right” for each other’s cute dogs on the app, “Bumble”. Kyle chose Lenny Boy Brewing for their first date in April 2021 and arrived 30 minutes early to pick out the perfect table to greet her, and Maddie breezed in wearing six inch heels to ensure he was actually 5’11” as his profile said. Maybe it was the immaculate springtime golden-hour vibes, the long talks about their passions and dreams, plotting hypothetical trips to far-away lands, and bonding over their mutual love for all things emo-bands from the early 2000s that drew them together… but most likely, it was destined to be. Both Maddie and Kyle will tell you they walked away from that first date knowing that this random connection, was going to be the start of something big.

Fast forward to June 11, 2022, Kyle planned a weekend away to Beaufort, SC. Maddie’s family had a house in Beaufort for many years, and if you asked her, she will tell you it is, without a doubt or hesitation, her favorite place on Earth. After driving through torrential downpours common to the South Carolina low country, they arrived to their rental home in “Habersham”. Kyle pretended to receive a phone-call from a restaurant Maddie had never heard of saying they lost power in the storms and needed to delay their reservations, so Kyle suggested they go to the dock at Habersham to take some selfies to send to his parents to pass the time. When they arrived, Kyle got down on one knee and surprised Maddie with a proposal. Maddie was shocked, laughed at Kyle, and chucked her purse while exclaiming “Yes!”. As they say the rest is history, and we cannot wait to celebrate with our friends and family on the “Big Day”.